Listing a private server for a game not offered on the top is prohibited.
Adding a site that is not related to a private server is prohibited.
Listing a server that does not belong to you is prohibited.
The thumbnail, text, and description must not be offensive.
Listing your server multiple times on our rankings is prohibited, each server must be unique, even if it has multiple game modes.
It is forbidden to put a border (regardless of the color) around your thumbnail.
Listing a popularity number (e.g.: Number 1 in France) on the thumbnail is prohibited.


A user can vote for the same server every 1h 30.
Votes must be made by a human.
Using any software (Proxy, VPN...) to accumulate votes is prohibited.
Forcing a user to vote to access a page on your site is prohibited.
Displaying the voting page in an iframe is not allowed.
A server is not allowed to invite its players to vote for another server registered on the ranking.
Each server must promote itself, through its community, its social networks, and not through a third party.


A comment must result from a real user experience.
Insults and advertising are prohibited.
Posting an inappropriate comment to degrade a server is prohibited.
Creating fake profiles to post comments is prohibited.
Encouraging your users to post comments is prohibited.


One account per user is allowed.
The username and profile picture must not be offensive.
The email address must be valid and not disposable.


Any breach of these rules results in the immediate deletion of the account and the servers linked to it.