FiveM Vote Plugin (Grand Theft Auto)

Our plugin automatically detects when a player votes for your server on our site. You can set the reward given to them after voting. For instance, giving them money or an in-game item. Our plugin is compatible with all versions of FiveM servers and ESX.

  • Download the vote plugin.
  • Upon unzipping the file, an sp-vote folder will be created.
  • Open the sp-vote/config.lua file and fill in Config.Token with your server's token and Config.MoneyEarned with the amount to be awarded per player vote.
  • Execute the SQL file sp-vote/votehistory.sql in PhpMyAdmin or HeidiSQL; this table will save the votes.
  • If you wish to modify the type of reward, go to sp-vote/server/main.lua and modify the reward function.
  • Drag and drop sp-vote into the resources folder of your FiveM server.
  • Add to your server.cfg at the bottom the text start sp-vote or ensure sp-vote to activate the plugin.

Sample code

Sample code to reward players (Outside of the plugin's standard rewards)

AddEventHandler("sp-vote:newVoteOnline", function(player)
    // your code

AddEventHandler("sp-vote:newVoteOffline", function(vote)
    // your code

No need to open a connection port, we do not send UDP requests. Our plugin calls our API and refreshes the voters list every 30 seconds.

Plugins History

Version Size Date Action
FiveM_Vote_Plugin_SP_V1.1 3525 ko 28th Oct 2023 Download
FiveM_Vote_Plugin_SP_V1.0 2930 ko 10th Aug 2023 Download