Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a ranking that lists private video game servers. If you've created a server, you can list it for free on our rankings to gain targeted and interested players. If you are a player, you can freely browse our lists to find a private server to play on. They are sorted by tags to help you narrow down your search and find a server that meets your expectations.

How does voting work?

Private servers are ranked in descending order based on a voting system. You need to invite your community to vote for your server on the ranking in order to gain visibility. A user can vote every 1h 30 by completing a captcha and then clicking on a confirmation button to validate their vote. The more votes your server accumulates, the higher it climbs in the ranking, gaining visibility among our thousands of daily visitors.

Can I add multiple servers?

You can add as many servers as you like. To do this, there's no need to create multiple accounts on the site; you can add them without limits from the same unique account. You must be logged into your account and click on the 'Add a server' tab from your user profile.

How are clicks counted?

When a user from our rankings visits your website, copies the connection IP address, or clicks on your Discord, the outgoing click counter increases by 1. A click is unique for a 24-hour period per user. aims to offer accurate and genuine statistics.

When are votes reset?

At the beginning of each month, our rankings (across all games) are reset. The votes and outgoing clicks of all private servers are set to zero. This operation allows new servers to try their luck at reaching the top of the rankings.

Seeing an anti-proxy message?

If a message informs you that you cannot vote from a proxy or a VPN, it means you are trying to vote from a network that isn't private or is deemed malicious by our system. To maintain a healthy ranking and combat fraud, we block certain accesses to prevent artificial votes and maintain a level playing field. If you believe this is an error, don't hesitate to contact us.

How to vote for a server?

From the homepage, select the game whose servers you want to browse. Then click on the one that interests you to view its detailed page. Now, click on the 'Vote' button next to the server's vote count.

What is the API?

A PHP API is offered to server creators to verify and validate a user's vote. It is useful and necessary for servers that wish to reward players in exchange for their vote, ensuring they have carried out the action. Very user-friendly, you can deploy it on your website in just a few minutes.

How to remove a server from the ranking?

If you are about to close your server and want to have it removed from our lists, simply contact us. Your server will be deactivated within 24 business hours. You can also wait until the end of the month when the rankings are reset. If your server accumulates no votes, it will no longer be displayed in the lists.

Do you combat fraud?

Preventing fraud is our priority. does everything to maintain an honest and authentic ranking. Manual checks are carried out, the robustness of our captchas is tested, traffic is filtered, and our system blocks abnormal behaviors. We do everything to ensure that fraud is non-existent and that faulty servers are immediately removed and permanently banned.

Do your APIs support IPV6?

Yes, our APIs support both IPV6 and IPV4 simultaneously.

Other queries

Please feel free to contact our teams via the contact page or on our Discord.